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A Helping Hand

My expertise is online marketing. However in my past I did work for a software development company. Although it was in a marketing role I also did participate in client interaction for this company. As such I know the pitfalls for companies embarking on an important new project. So what I can offer is the following:

  • Hand holding to make sure you don’t pay too much
  • Making sure the provider you choose is qualified and has the staff to deliver
  • Inside knowledge of Melbourne software development companies and their capabilities/staff movements etc
  • Strategies to limit your cost and make sure what you need is delivered
  • Knowledge of what staff are best to work on a project and who is in training-no trainers for my clients as I deliver volume

The areas I have contacts in are limited to the Microsoft suite of products including custom database development, SQL, Access, SharePoint etc but feel free to call me re others as I may be able to point you in the right direction.

The rest will be up to you as far as making a decision but the above cannot be underestimated.

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