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SEO is a competitive field- especially for broad popular terms such as “online marketing” and the like.

If you are aiming to get some keywords in the search area of Google you have to first find out if the keywords are popular. If they are it is going to be expensive and take some time to achieve results. Also you will need to follow the instructions of the “SEO consulting” company to the letter. Otherwise they will say you didn’t do what was recommended and therefore did not achieve a position on the front page.

Before making a decision to try popular broad terms you will need to talk to me about the upside and downside of such.

For more specific keywords like “Google adwords consultant Melbourne” it’s a lot easier and I can help you get there as part of a general online marketing campaign.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Different to Google Adwords- SEO relates to the results that come up when people look on search engines. The results are typically in the centre of the page whilst the ads are mostly on the right hand side of the page.

SEO is the name given for attempting to be high up on the search results.

To talk about SEO consulting please contact me.


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