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The starting point with Google Analytics is to make sure that you have a professional Google Analytics consultant to set it up. I have seen many examples of Google analytics not being set up correctly. It’s often done by the business owner or the web designer. Keep in mind it is quite complex and web designers will have a go to please the client but it is well worth spending a bit extra to make sure  the information you are reviewing is accurate and complete.

It’s important to know the following so you can change your tactics:

1. The flow of the visitor. Where they land, where they go and importantly where they exit.
2. If the buyer purchases your product on the site you need to know what keyword they searched and where the query originated
3. The bounce rate for particular keywords and pages
4. How different copy, headings and images change results

There is a big upside to having this information when it is accurate. It can help you eliminate all spending that is not delivering results! Even more importantly you know what is actually working so you can zero in…..that as we all know is the big pay off when it comes to internet marketing. Finding an area that is working and putting in the hours to dominate that area over the long term.

So send me an email or give me a call and we can have you analysing your Google data like a professional Google adwords consultant!

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